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According to IMD, Denmark is a world leader within cleantech innovation. Aarhus plays a significant part in this position, as one third out of Denmark’s cleantech industry is placed in this region. Aarhus wide range of knowledge intensive companies and subcontractors within wind power, energy infrastructure and energy savings enables the highest possible environmental standards.

Wind power

Aarhus is home to the world's leading players in the wind power industry. More than 40 years of experience ensures that you will find universities with cutting edge know-how, dedicated test centres and a complete value chain of subsuppliers and professional services.


The water sector

The Aarhus Region is also a European hotspot for the water sector, providing groundbreaking research, technology, services and solutions in the field of water management. As Aarhus is committed to be CO2 neutral by 2030, it will provide an ideal test market for new cleantech solutions and business models.


Energy of the Future – Navitas

On the waterfront, in an all-new part of the city, a new and interdiciplinary innovation environment, Navitas, has been established. The centre houses Aarhus University School of Engineering and Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, research and development as well as several cleantech companies.


Updated: 29.6.2016

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