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According to IMD, Denmark is a world leader in cleantech innovation, and Aarhus plays a significant part in this position. One third out of Denmark’s cleantech industry is placed in the region.

The businesses in the region excel especially within energy storage, production of sustainable energy and energy infrastructure and distribution.


At the same time, the Region of Aarhus has the highest rate of specialisation in Denmark, measured on the number of employees within energy and environment – and 40 percent of all Danish full-time employees within energy and energy technology work in the Central Denmark Region.


Wind power

Aarhus is a strong player in the market of sustainable energy; thus three of the six largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world have chosen to place their activities within the Central Denmark Region. This includes companies such as Vestas and Siemens. Aarhus has more than 40 years of experience in the field of wind power. Today, the Aarhus region is home to the world’s leading wind power manufactures and subcontractors. All parts of the wind power value chain are within a 60 minute drive.     


The water sector

The Aarhus region is also a European hotspot for the water sector, providing groundbreaking research, technology, services, and solutions in the field of water. 


Energy of the Future – Navitas

Within energy- and environmental technology a new and open innovation environment housing 2.000 students and more than 300 businessmen, researchers and lecturers is established at the waterfront. The first sod of the 35.000 sqm building has already been taken and the building is expected ready for occupation in 2014.


Updated: 08.7.2014

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