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R&D and productivity

Research and Development

Denmark is world-leading when it comes to R&D and productivity. Companies in Aarhus are among the very best at combining innovation and efficiency. This is why a pool of international companies has their Centres of Excellence here in Aarhus.

In Denmark, we reward knowledge and ideas. We believe in quality and design. Thus, the products we make have a high level of cost. But our ability to innovate, combined with a high productivity rate, makes Denmark and Aarhus capable of developing solutions that succeed in a global market.


Danish research institutions score high on global league tables, and many companies benefits from the unique interplay and cooperation between industry players and research institutions


Aarhus is also an ideal test market in Europe for high-tech companies wanting to perfect their new products, R&D efforts, technology implementations and business models.


Danish consumers are the world’s fastest to adopt new products and technologies, according to various surveys, and on b2b-products the public organisations in Aarhus enters various public private innovation partnerships with health care, cleantech and smart city. This gives you a platform for developing, testing and demonstrating your product for the European market.




Updated: 27.1.2014

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