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The Future of Aarhus

Aarhus is a city undergoing significant growth and a long list of development and construction projects are these years setting the standard in transforming Aarhus to a modern European city of knowledge. Get an overview of the major development and construction projects here.

Aarhus is currently undertaking an unprecedented development. This includes new knowledge hubs, innovation centres, investments in city architecture, new technological solutions as well as a goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030. 


In recent years the population of Aarhus has grown by approx. 4,000 inhabitants every year, educational institutions are reporting record uptakes of students and a number of large companies such as Arla, Vestas and Dupont have moved to the city.


In Aarhus we are striving to create global solutions for global challenges. Companies and talents in Aarhus are known for their ability in finding solutions and creating commercial products to export all over the world.





Updated: 04.8.2015

Department: Mayor's Department

Comment: Business Aarhus

Phone: +45 89 40 22 05


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